Facilitator’s Aide

SOLIDBASE Montessori
“Behaviour is caught, not taught"
From childhood, I have always been happier being around children in my family. I love the times that I spent singing, dancing, answering their simple questions and doing riddles with them. During these interactions, I understood one important thing about them, which is, their ability to imitate every move of mine. It was then I realized that the saying ‘Behavior is caught, not taught’, is so true. During my training as Facilitator’s Aide at SOLIDBASE Montessori, I could sense the importance given for the same, right from how we greet the children to using the magic words like ‘Sorry’, ‘Please’, ‘Thank you’, ‘Excuse me’ and ‘Welcome’. In this aspect, I feel spirited to be associated with a team that shares the same value that behaviours are caught and not taught. I am looking forward to contributing my part in realizing the vision of SOLIDBASE Montessori in early childhood learning.


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