The Curious Mind Educational Trust
“I strongly believe that all children should be given tools to access their future”
Education is fundamental to the development and growth of the human mind. Inadvertently, we have made education synonymous with acquiring grades and degrees. However, I strongly believe that the real purpose of learning is to elicit critical thinking, foster curiosity, and develop a quest for personal development in the children.
The early years present the best opportunity for the child’s brain to develop which is part of cognitive development. Thankfully, evolution in early educational techniques helps us achieve this. Over the years, the educational discourse methods in the developed countries have evolved to aid tender brains to acquire lifelong learning skills. I have witnessed/witnessing the positive contributions of such methods in young children. They not only gain knowledge but also acquire the confidence to explore unchartered career paths in the later years. The primary reason to establish The Curious Mind Educational Trust is to make available these methods as yet another choice for parents who believe in the power and freedom of independent thinking individuals and their positive contributions in the ever-evolving and challenging world. SOLIDBASE Montessori aims to be a catalyst to inculcate values and nurture learning skills early on in childhood.
My unshakeable faith in SOLIDBASE Montessori is because of its focus and dedication in encouraging young minds to be inquisitive. The strategy team has developed/continues to develop a system that centers around this philosophy: Be always inquisitive to witness growth!
My best wishes to the SOLIDBASE team to achieve this vision.


A world of learners where children gain a passport to the world