Lead Facilitator

SOLIDBASE Montessori
“I strongly believe that all children are born curious. Giving them access to a nurturing environment shall keep them curious for life, and that is all we need to do because a curious mind will always keep seeking answers”
Nothing brings me much joy than being surrounded by children wanting to learn new things. With over two decades of experience working with young children, including children with learning difficulties, I am thrilled and excited to join hands with SOLIDBASE Montessori in our endeavor to make a difference in early childhood learning in society.
Aristotle once said ‘Educating a mind without educating the heart is no education at all’. Today, we are far away from this curve of thought. It is disheartening to see that education has become mere numbers. Decimal points are made to make or break a student’s future along with his/her dream. This fear of make or break has made the yearning to learn, stop. when the yearning stops, curiosity ceases to exist. In today’s context, as an educator, I believe, the greatest gift one can give to a child is to take the fear out of education and make children love learning.
SOLIDBASE will be built on values and convictions. Our success will not be measured in numbers, but the impact SOLIDBASE will have on our facilitators, support staff, children, their families, the ecosystem, and the local communities.
Looking forward to meeting like-minded parents. Cheers.


A world of learners assemble to learn.