Our Team


Lead Facilitator

SOLIDBASE Montessori

Nothing brings me much joy than being surrounded by children wanting to learn new things.  With over two decades of experience working with young children, including children with learning difficulties, I am thrilled and excited to join hands with SOLIDBASE Montessori in our endeavor to make a difference in early childhood learning in our society.



The Curious Mind Educational Trust

Education is the most powerful tool but without compassionate adults, who understand the needs of every individual child, at the formative stage of the first six years, the true potential of such learning could never be unlocked. Having been a recipient of such education from compassionate adults, I feel that it is time to bring back to society, what I experienced once, at a time when it is needed the most.



The Curious Mind Educational Trust

Education is fundamental to the development and growth of the human mind. Inadvertently, we have made education synonymous with acquiring grades and degrees. However, I strongly believe that the real purpose of learning is to elicit critical thinking, foster curiosity, and develop a quest for personal development in the children. Also i want to admit that i like 5 dragons slot online and i recommend you to play there too!


Facilitator’s Assistant

SOLIDBASE Montessori

By observing a child learning with the materials provided, one can learn many new things every day. It always amazes me to watch children coming up with different solutions for the same query. It only reiterates my belief that no question has one correct answer but many. This is one important life lesson, all of us can learn from them, that there are many solutions to a problem.


Facilitator’s Aide

SOLIDBASE Montessori

From childhood, I have always been happier being around children in my family. I love the times that I spent singing, dancing, answering their simple questions, and doing riddles with them. During these interactions, I understood one important thing about them, which is, their ability to imitate every move of mine.