Raising Grateful Kids

“Mummy, you are supposed to say ‘You are welcome’ When I say ‘Thank You’ but you just say ‘Okay’ ”

It’s the conversations you will hear between mummy and her kids. No matter how hectic the routine we have, we have to make good parenting decisions. Raising grateful children is important for all of us. What I have learned about teaching children to be grateful is that it is a long and slow process that requires consistency and persistence. As a parent, you will listen to the common statement “I want this”, “I want that”, and this demand never ends. I hope that some of these simple everyday lessons hold up:

Say Please and Thank You

Make these words an important part of your family’s language. Using these words for both small and big things makes a big difference.

Share Appreciation 

During family breakfast, lunch, or dinner time, talk about how the day was and whether there is anything new going on. I often ask the kids “What’s something nice you did for someone today?”  And sometimes, “what’s something nice someone did for you?”. Appreciation is very important in life.

Grateful Model

Using grateful language and positive reinforcement is a great way to show children how to be grateful because you are a role model to them. “Your playroom looks great honey, with all your toys put away. I am so happy you cleaned up!”

Thank You Notes / Cards

It’s nice for children to make “Thank You” notes for special occasions may be in the form of stickers or making a scribble on a card. It’s a nice personal touch that creates strong bondage.

Set Expectations

It’s very important to set certain expectations for their demand. Kids ask for everything. It’s so much easier when you make it clear what shopping goals are and ask them to make a list. This will make them learn the difference between needs and wants.

Be Consistent & Persistent

Children are both concrete and abstract thinkers. Gratitude is a trait that takes time to develop. Demonstrate patience, consistency, and persistence.

We all are on a journey of raising a grateful child and hence we have to devote a lot of our time towards teaching good behaviors that will make them great as well as grateful kids. (Read also We are being Watched)

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