‘Challenging Task’ keeps Kids Engaged

We always see life as a challenge because every day we come across various tasks to complete or to fight with. Challenges compel us to put extra efforts, to try a different situation, to give an extra minute.


The challenge

Have you ever witnessed such situations where if you challenge a kid, then he/she is ready to put their mind and body to complete your tasks? Well, that’s the thing with them, they are ready to do anything if you question them differently. Maybe they are unable to tie their shoelace, but your one nudge can make them do that as well, and that delightful moment when they finally crack the task!

Effect of challenge

The positive part about a challenge is that it enriches the minds of children and helps in the development of their perspectives and prepares them to face future challenges with confidence and a new attitude.

Challenges can open the mind of kids and can make them question things differently that can generate the curiosity to gain knowledge about the world. (Read also Play is Brain’s Favourite way of Learning)

As a parent, put the different challenges in front of them in the form of activity, some material, or a thought. This can make them busy for quite some time and in the meantime, the parents or guardians can finish their daily tasks.

Sometimes it gets difficult and a bit laborious for working parents to manage their work-life balance. During this time, keeping their kids busy with some challenging tasks can be an added advantage to their daily life. It is advisable for the parents, teachers, and everybody who is connected with kids that they observe the behavior and activities of children and provide them with the related tasks and challenges that interests them most as it will help them in upskilling their forte and they would be able to transform their interests into their passion for future development.

Dr. Anubha Walia: Director – Prism Philosophy

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